Thursday, January 24, 2008

heres a few pictures from the last couple beach days we had. the first beach day we had with katie was at waimea, the weather was beautiful but the water was freezing. we just hungout on the beach for a little and then came back home and i actually cooked dinner. i made chili...not that big a deal but its baby steps for me. anyways, the next day mom and i went down to freddy's and i got to surf for a little. the water was really cold but i tried to tough it with no wetsuit...that didn't last long and i realized i'm not that tough after all, surprise surprise. ill update again soon and i hope you are all doing well!

...please look at my bangs

...moms hott : )

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Outer Banks Brooks said...

Hi Kim and Lynn,

Looks and sounds like you are having fun. The weather has been off and on here. Right now it is quite yukky on a Friday night. Ronnie is on his way to Craig's b-day party at the bowling alley. He is working on finishing up school --world history and English and he is done!!!
Miss seeing your smiling face. Continue to enjoy your time with your mom and in that beautiful place!! We are jealous!!

Ms. Lynn for the whole fam