Tuesday, June 10, 2008

here are some long over due pictures from when mom and dad were out in hawaii with me! i am back home now on the outer banks just in time for the water to warm up. i am so glad to be back home with all my family and my friends here... but i do miss hawaii! anyways, mom and dad got to come out to hawaii for a little while and we really did have a blast! it was also dads birthday while we were there! we did lots of beach days, dad and scott aichner played lots of tennis, and mom went on lots of walks! it was so awesome to get time together just them and i, i am so blessed to have such amazing parents who are also like my best friends! we had a lot of fun and i am very glad to be back!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the morning before mom and dad came out to hawaii (i was still on kauai), aamion and i woke up at 6am to sheet glass water and no wind at all...perfect day to go down the coast. we hopped on a jetski and headed down the na pali coast, and it was unbelievably beautiful! we went checked out a bunch of caves and little beaches, and i heard all about the different valleys the ancient hawaiians used to live in and would trade essentials between each other, it was really amazing. we ended up on a beach called honopu, where you can only get to by the sea.. either boat, or ski. its this beautiful beach and there is a little waterfall if you hike back along the stream! theres also a perfect little left that slingshots off the cliff that we ended up surfing all day! it was really small at first, and then within the hour it got prettttty big, and became this giant dumpy shorebreak wave...we still surfed but i definitely got pounded! caverly and bk joined us towards the end of the day...bk kneeboarded honopu all day. hah it was awesomeee. anyways, it was really really beautiful! i jumped on a plane that night back over to oahu and mom and dad joined me there that next day (ill put pics up from that too)! take care

the beautiful na pali coast...

honopu...before the waves picked up

caverly just getting dropped off on the beach by the ski

bk kneeboarding on the right!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

so heres a few more pictures from over here, from diving off the boat a couple weeks ago, and then aamions new house! its starting to come along! ill update soon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

so after brittany went back home, i decided to head back over to kauai for a little longer. the day i got there, gavin picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to the pier to launch thier new boat. they have a little boston whaler that we took out for the very first time... in the pouring down rain... it was freezing! they both had fullsuits on, but luckily i found three wetsuit tops and make a fullsuit, it actually kinda worked! we were out there for about 3 1/2 hours... the guys dove and spearfished and i mothered the little guys before they died and hung out on the boat, they let me drive it some too. im back over here for a little while, it is so beautiful! i will put up more soon, hope all is well!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

so today dan hamlin texts me saying to go to surfline.com, i do and i see that i have a profile up online right now! yayyy thanks dan, heres the link...

Monday, April 28, 2008

well, sadly, all the sisters are back home now, heres a few more pics from the end of their trip. the first ones are from our fun night out to the ice skating rink. nicole, britt, sasha, mark and i all wanted to go bowling one saturday night, so we drove about 30 minutes away to try and go. every place we tried had about a 2 hour waiting list and it was already 9pm, so we decided we were going ice skating in hawaii, hah it ended up being a lot of fun! we also did a beach day at waimea and went snorkeling and paddled around on stand-up boards. im sad all the sisters are gone, we had a really fun trip...miss you girls!

britt ended up staying a few weeks longer than the other two girls and about 2 days after nicole and bri left, aamion came over here to oahu for the day to pick up his boat. we picked him up from the airport and on the way home decided we were going to fly back over to kauai with him later that afternoon. so we went home to drop aamion off so he could figure out the deal with his boat, and we went to the beach for the day. when we got back from the beach, we had about 10 minutes to pack a bag and head off to kauai. it was only a 30 minute flight and it was the most amazing trip for both of us. we stayed in aamion's house that he and his dad are building, right in haena, and got to meet a lot of awesome people. we definitely made lots of memories...and woke up to roosters at 5am every morning yelling"brittany diggggggssss", "happy birthdayyyyyyy" and "hey im not gayyyyyyyyyyyyy"

one of the first nights we were there, we went to the blessing of the Titus Kinimaka Quiksilver store opening (which was this big cookout that the whole town came out for). it was a lot of fun... music, food, dancing, and the cutest little boy named legend!

(about a week before little Given Pueo Goodwin is born!)
the day after the cookout, one of aamion's friends took me, britt and his dog, poke, on a hike to hanakapia falls. we figured it'd be a mellow little hike on a path to the falls, maybe 2 miles max....false. it was nearly 9 miles and we were literally hiking through the jungle...crossing rushing rivers, climbing up sides of the cliffs, it was crazy. but the falls were so amazing... breathtaking. on the way back, poor little poke was so tired that her muscles were shaking and we had to carrying her down parts! it was awesome
...we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into


look at poke's eyes... she could barely even keep them open on the way back
the beautiful na pali coast...

this last picture would be our board bag that we flew back over... the zipper completely broke and we had to cram both of our boards, all our wetsuits, and towels in and try and hold it together with duct tape. when we got to the airport, just as we are returning our rental car we notice that we accidently had taken gavin's comforter with us! so we had to undo the tape, somehow shove the comforter in with everything, tape it all back up and barely catch our plane! anyways it was the most amazing trip and i miss britt : (

hope all is well and ill update again soon!