Sunday, March 23, 2008

on march 15th hurley held a saint patty's day inspired art show called the O'hurley Art Show in costa mesa, and i got to be in it! it was kinda a hassle because mom had to first of all try to understand my explanations of my paintings (which are hard to understand and to describe anyways), and then get all my work together and ship it out to me in time for the show. thankfully it got there in time and the show was amazing! most of these pics are taken by steph and on, but hopefully they show a little of how it went. there were so many brilliant artists...yes brilliant, and i met soo many great people too! also i even sold something... just a print but still something!! brant's wedding was the very next night after the art show, so ill put pictures up from that next!

Friday, March 21, 2008

i just got back from california a couple days ago, heres a few pics from the trip. i went out there for brant and bethany's wedding which was so so amazing! all my family and a lot of friends from home came out for it, so it was really awesome to everyone! also made me miss everyone too when i had to say goodbye! ill put up pics from the actual wedding soon, take care!

mr. dennis jr.

simon the cat

mcdonald's breakfast...we're discusting but its so good

Friday, March 14, 2008

well i don't even know where to start... chelzea and i had so so much fun together! also we called her chelZea the whole time and introduced her to people as that. the week went by so fast but we did so mannyyy thinggss. we did plenty of beach days, and aamion came into town and took us out on his ski 2 days in a row and then went diving at sharks cove one night! we went all up and down the west side on the ski and went snorkeling really far out, chased humpback whales, and dolphins and i got to do tow-ins and step offs (where you jump off the ski into the wave and surf it)! after he left chel and i went to waikiki and went longboarding all day, she did REALLY good and caught waves by herself and rode them all the way in! chelly!! we had so much fun doing everything together and i am so so glad we got that time together. this is the first time in our whole lives that we don't live 1 minute away from one another, so its been pretty hard, so this was well-needed! mizz you chel!

we went snorkeling this day at puaena point and i tried to go surf afterwards but got about half way out when my friend paddled up to me and said there was a 17ft tiger shark eating a turtle about a mile out from the break! hah i got so scared that i ended up paddling right back in!

this is what my toe looked like after diving sharks cove... looks a lot worse than it really was tho!
...the ol' ski-arooski

proof that we wore our sunscreen

kelly kapowski.

waikiki longboarding day...

after we went longboarding, we went to the same sushi place chris and i went to, Momomo's. this time we got to sit on the floor in the "special" room, it was really good! (and i know we have makeup on... free makeover at macy's)

soo... we went to waimea valley one day thinking itd be pretty cool. false. all that was there was peacocks, everywhere. i dont know if you know how scared of birds chelsea is but peacocks... not for her. hah this guy was fronting on that poor little bird that didnt know what to do.
... and after seeing all the birds this is the only face we could make.

love you chel : )

Saturday, March 8, 2008

hi everyone! hope you are all doing well, i've had bad internet connection and haven't been able to update on whats been going on. well as of right now im actually home by myself for the first time since i've been here... very weird. well nic was out here for a week shooting a story on the us team coach, joey, so i got to hang out with him a bunch. he was staying in a beautiful gated house right by lani's with all the us team kids and some of the other photographers... we played monopoly over there for 3 hours in the middle of the day and it was awesome. but anyways i got to spend some good time with him and some of the people and kids staying at his house.

chelsea's here!! she got here the day before both zach and nic left, so the night she got in we all went to cholo's mexican restaurant for dinner. nic and zach are gone, and i just got home from taking chel to the airport. she was here for a little over a week, and we had such a good time together ... ill do another blog for all the stuff we did.

yes... zach's mustache is real, he grew it the entire time he was here. he left to go back to california the day after chel got here. he was here for about a month and a half and still wasn't ready to leave when the time came, you could definitely say he had a good trip!

well i am going to california in the morning for brants wedding... brant is getting married! that is so crazy and i am so so happy for him!! im gonna be over there for a week and then come home with the rest of my sisters with me! take care!