Sunday, February 24, 2008

so chris left a couple days ago, these are some pics from the last few days he was here. we all got to surf a bunch before he left and went long boarding in Waikiki one of the days. the picture of the Japanese restaurant, Momomo, was this creepy little cement building, painted black with no windows, down on the south shore. we ended up going in and it was this amazing sushi and tapas style Japanese was awesomeeee. anyways, we had so much fun and I'm bummed he left. me and zach are the last two left, matt beacham just left about an hour ago so we are just holding it down. nic mclean got in today too but he is staying somewhere else, and chelsea gets in on thursday...yay!! im very excited about that! take care!

this guy was in our back yard...
...sweet tan line!

Friday, February 22, 2008

hi everyone! sorry for not updating in awhile, a lot has gone on since last time. mom left : ( i really miss her already, but i was soo blessed to have her out here with me for so long! thats her on her new bike down there... 

gavin left too, he flew back over to kauai about the same time mom left. he ended up hurting his knee at pipe one day so he had to head back over. the ski pictures are from a week ago, aamion took me out on his ski on one of the really big days. we caught some terrifying waves out at phantoms and i thought i was gonna die the whole time, but it ended up being okay. then we sat out at pipe and watched from the side for about an hour... it was beautiful!

 then the next pictures are from daize's baby shower that was at a mexican restaurant that was exactly like la fogatas! a couple days before mom left, chris mom and i went down to waikiki for the days and rented long boards. mom and i tandemed and actually caught a lot of good waves! moms pretty much a ripper. we did that all day and then just walked around the strip that night. thats where i found that sweet fanypack...dont be jealous whit. 

so anyways thats what has been going on, right now its only me, zach and matt beacham in the house and we have just been surfing and hanging out everyday. zach and i, the last 2 days, have pretty much gotten the best bodysurf sessions of our lives... to say the least.

hope you are well and i miss you all!

                                       we are very greazzy...

"the little cars go in the compact"                             -michael scott

             chris' lazy eye is awesome... : )

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hi everyone... sorry for not updating in awhile, but heres some pics from the last week. pipe was nearly perfect the other day so we did a few beach days down there watching everyone surf. all the boys from surfed pipe and actually got waves, it was pretty cool, everyone has been talking about the "north carolina boys" that were all really quiet but good surfers. daize came back over here, from kauai, for a little and is really getting big! the camo truck pictures are from when aamion borrowed one of his friends stick shift trucks... mom and i took it for a ride when they went to play tennis one day. this morning i got up at 4:50am and took aamion to the airport, he is going to fiji for a surf/dive/fish/tennis/poker contest, and then went back to the airport around 4pm to take mom : ( i am very bummed she left but i am really glad everyone back home gets to have her back! i miss you all and hope all is well...

happy valentine's day!

Monday, February 4, 2008

hi everyone... i hope you all are doing well and i miss you all a lot! sorry for not updating in awhile, but we really haven't been doing anything to exciting. the weather has been pretty junk everyday, raining off and on and overcast. the waves have been very small but we have been trying to get 2-3 sessions in a day so we really cant complain. god is good and we really are blessed to even be out here.

noah, jesse, and chris came out here for a little bit to get some surf and hang out for a few days. we all had a lot of fun together...surfing, 2 for $6 latenight icecream runs, watching titanic : ) noah tried pulling some pranks on jesse, thats what the ice in the pan pics are from, and the last ones are from our monopoly game that started around 8 and ended with a battle between noah and i around 2am... noah won. hah

anyways i hope you all are good and i miss everyone more and more everyday, take care!