Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the morning before mom and dad came out to hawaii (i was still on kauai), aamion and i woke up at 6am to sheet glass water and no wind at all...perfect day to go down the coast. we hopped on a jetski and headed down the na pali coast, and it was unbelievably beautiful! we went checked out a bunch of caves and little beaches, and i heard all about the different valleys the ancient hawaiians used to live in and would trade essentials between each other, it was really amazing. we ended up on a beach called honopu, where you can only get to by the sea.. either boat, or ski. its this beautiful beach and there is a little waterfall if you hike back along the stream! theres also a perfect little left that slingshots off the cliff that we ended up surfing all day! it was really small at first, and then within the hour it got prettttty big, and became this giant dumpy shorebreak wave...we still surfed but i definitely got pounded! caverly and bk joined us towards the end of the day...bk kneeboarded honopu all day. hah it was awesomeee. anyways, it was really really beautiful! i jumped on a plane that night back over to oahu and mom and dad joined me there that next day (ill put pics up from that too)! take care

the beautiful na pali coast...

honopu...before the waves picked up

caverly just getting dropped off on the beach by the ski

bk kneeboarding on the right!


Jill Lambing said...

Kim! I saw your interview on Surfline! so cool, your photos look amazing and it seems like your having a great time in hawaii! see you this summer on the beach, ciao.


Anonymous said...

Just curious where one can rent jetskis as I'd really like to go check out Honopu beach when I'm in kauai this summer. Hope you can share where you rented yours, thanks.