Sunday, March 23, 2008

on march 15th hurley held a saint patty's day inspired art show called the O'hurley Art Show in costa mesa, and i got to be in it! it was kinda a hassle because mom had to first of all try to understand my explanations of my paintings (which are hard to understand and to describe anyways), and then get all my work together and ship it out to me in time for the show. thankfully it got there in time and the show was amazing! most of these pics are taken by steph and on, but hopefully they show a little of how it went. there were so many brilliant artists...yes brilliant, and i met soo many great people too! also i even sold something... just a print but still something!! brant's wedding was the very next night after the art show, so ill put pictures up from that next!


jesse and whit... said...

that looks like it was a really fun art show. i love my dress... thank you so much! send me some pics of the wedding; i don't have any with you or the fam because we didn't stay near each other, and my camera died before the wedding. hope you're having fun with your sisters!!! love and miss you.

Dawn Gray said...

your such a beauty..reach for the stars Kim...God has a calling for you and your passion/art/and beautiful spirit..give Whit a big hug for me..Coco too..tell your whole family I love them so much and head out to Nica in a few day. kiss kiss hug hug..ha