Monday, February 4, 2008

hi everyone... i hope you all are doing well and i miss you all a lot! sorry for not updating in awhile, but we really haven't been doing anything to exciting. the weather has been pretty junk everyday, raining off and on and overcast. the waves have been very small but we have been trying to get 2-3 sessions in a day so we really cant complain. god is good and we really are blessed to even be out here.

noah, jesse, and chris came out here for a little bit to get some surf and hang out for a few days. we all had a lot of fun together...surfing, 2 for $6 latenight icecream runs, watching titanic : ) noah tried pulling some pranks on jesse, thats what the ice in the pan pics are from, and the last ones are from our monopoly game that started around 8 and ended with a battle between noah and i around 2am... noah won. hah

anyways i hope you all are good and i miss everyone more and more everyday, take care!


The Dalgo Family said...

Looks like fun! Torrie loves your blog! We miss your smiling face!

jesse and whit... said...

i bet your dad would love the 'surfing' edition monopoly! your mom sure is tan for those cloudy conditions... lookin' good. scary pic of jesse, yuck. looks like y'all had lots of fun. it's 80 degrees here today, sheesh. shredding isn't the same without ya.